About Me

Welcome, and thank you for coming to my page!
Here you will see a mix of things! Some of the items that will be made by me could include kids quilts and clothing. Home decor (pillows, mini quilts/wall hangings, coasters and printed photography). Flatware jewelry and seasonal/holiday items. I will also offer items I've purchased. This can include adult hair items, candles, mugs, etc.
About me: I am a mom to three amazing children. They really are amazing. I could brag all day about them, and the great things they have done, and are doing. Our oldest daughter has three children, two daughters, and our only grandson. Our son has three daughters, and our youngest daughter just had her first, a daughter. Being a "Hama" is truly the best gift ever! 
I grew up around women who were crafters. My mom and grandmother were painters, and my great grandmother was a seamstress. She made me a poodle skirt and my first homecoming dress. I guess I got the itch for sewing from her. My favorite class in high school was Home Economics. I looked forward to the sewing in particular but can't say that I didn't love the cooking aspect of that class as well.
My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were also sewers. I remember when the two oldest were babies/toddlers I'd haul my sewing machine out to the ranch when my sister-in-law would visit, and we'd sew all day long. I made most of my kid's clothes during that time. I also got the quilting bug from them. I don't spend day after day, from morning to sundown quilting like they did, but I did learn to love quilting, especially for babies.
Here are some other random things I love: I'm very patriotic. We have a lot of military members in my family. The most special is my son, who is a Marine Corps Veteran. Our new son in law is with the Air Force so I love the USA, the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star-Spangled Banner. I love our military and first responders. I love football, especially the Boise State Broncos (season ticket holder). I love true crime documentaries, watching movies, reading, traveling, warm weather, swimming in the pool, country and 80's music. Most importantly, spending time with my family.
Again, thank you for being here. I appreciate it so much!